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Does your child go to a Move Well Eat Well Early Childhood Service or Primary School?

The early childhood services and primary schools that have signed up to the program know that healthy eating and physical activity are important for children.

You may have children at a Move Well Eat Well early childhood service or primary school.

You can find out by clicking on the links below:

Early childhood services

Primary schools

What do Early Childhood Services and Primary Schools have to do?

Services and schools sign up to the program and work through a set of criteria about healthy eating and physical activity.

Some services and schools have achieved their Move Well Eat Well Award which means they have met the set of criteria about healthy eating and physical activity. For children at Award services and schools, eating well and being active is encouraged as an ordinary part of every day.

What are Move Well Eat Well’s six healthy messages?

There are six healthy messages in the Move Well Eat Well program (click on each to find useful resources):

What is the role of families in Move Well Eat Well?

Parents and families can support the Move Well Eat Well messages both when children are at services and schools and when children are at home.

For example, many schools have a Fruit and Veg break - parents and carers could can send ‘everyday’ foods like fresh fruit and veggies to support this. Families can provide a water bottle so their child can drink water throughout the day.  At home parents and carers can encourage outdoor play after school rather than screen time. Setting some time limits on a maximum amount of screen time or even using a timer can help.

If your child goes to an Award service or school you may have received information in newsletters or seen things about Move Well Eat Well at the service or school.

When services or schools apply for their Award, a parent on the School Council or Association signs the Award Application form.

For more ideas on how parents can be involved in Move Well Eat Well visit the 'Health Promoting Schools' icon page.

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