A collaborative approach

Move Well Eat Well is an initiative of the Tasmanian Department of Health.

The Primary School and Early Childhood Programs have a range of internal and external reference groups that provide guidance to the respective

Jointly, the Move Well Eat Well Early Childhood and Primary Schools programs are partners within The Healthy Kids Coalition. Members of the Coalition work collaboratively to inform, advise, share and develop resources and activities to improve health eating and physical activity for children.

Primary Schools


Move Well Eat Well works in close collaboration with the Tasmanian Department of Education, the Tasmanian Catholic Education Office and Independent Schools Tasmania.

Steering Committee

Steering Committee comprising membership and representation from:

  • Department of Health
  • Department of Education
  • Association of Independent Schools of Tasmania
  • Tasmanian Catholic Education Office
  • A Primary School Principal

Reference groups and networks

Resources, initiatives and key program activities are informed by advice from a Teachers Advisory Group and a range of organisations, many of whom are part of the Move Well Eat Well Community Support Network.

Early Childhood Services

The success of the Program's development can be attributed to significant input from a range of organisations and advisory groups during the development stage, and ongoing support from key agencies and individuals. The Move Well Eat Well design and health messages icons are delivered under license to the Department of Health, Victoria, and is an adaptation of their Kids - 'Go for your life' Program.  We acknowledge their invaluable advice in the program development stage.