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Welcome to the Primary Schools section of the Move Well Eat Well website!

Move Well Eat Well Member schools can access:

  • newsletter inserts

  • curriculum units and class activities

  • sample school policies and a template to do your own policy

  • displays and posters for classrooms, events and foyers

  • families information

  • ideas from other Member schools

  • information about the latest offers for Member and Award schools

Joining and getting started with Move Well Eat Well

Keeping the momentum up

  • Use this Move Well Eat Well poster in each classroom or the foyer, announcing you are a Member or Award school
  • Use your canteen, class cooking or lunch service to reinforce healthy eating.
  • Give your student leaders a role in promoting MWEW, at assembly, in daily PE and in the playground.
  • Expand an existing team to include Move Well Eat Well: your Kids Matter team? your student leaders? your Health and Wellbeing Team?

Move Well Eat Well support for your school


We have a small team of Dietitans that  are available to speak with staff or parents about healthy eating topics.If your school is interested, get in touch with us and we can refer you on to a Dietitian.

Physical Activity Officers

We have a small team of Physical Activity Officers who are available to answer questions and provide information about physical activity topics. If your school is interested, get in touch with us and we can refer you on to a Physical Activity Officer.

The Move Well Eat Well Team

Our team is available over the phone, via email and in person to chat to you about and provide assistance with all things Move Well Eat Well.

Early Years program resources

Your school may have kinder and early years programs for children in the 0-5 age range. Below are practical resources and information to help your school reach this age group with the Move Well Eat Well messages.

Move Well Eat Well practical resources:

Other practical resources:

Guiding documents for the early years:

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