Health Promoting School/Service

If your child's early childhood service or primary school is a Move Well Eat Well Member, they are on the way to promoting healthy eating and physical activity.

When services or schools achieve their Award it means they have put a lot of effort into making sure healthy eating and physical activity is happening every day.

Help your child's service or school move from Member to Award status!

Chat with:

  • The Principal, teachers or educators so they know you support their efforts. They will be pleased to hear from you!
  • Your School Association, P&F or other parent group about Move Well Eat Well. Find the parent group handout to help you.

Share ideas and resources:

  • Talk to other parents about the benefits of making healthy eating and physical activity positive, normal and easy for children.
  • Offer to help plan healthy eating or physical activity activities. Use recipes and ideas from this website.

Help plan:

  • Offer to join the school's or early childhood service's Move Well Eat Well Action Team.
  • Use time at a regular parents' meeting to generate ideas to support the school achieve each criteria.
  • Look at the areas where your school or early childhood service is already achieving success. It may be worth celebrating how far you have come already.
  • Use occasions where parents are helping out, to reinforce the key messages, e.g. make water available for parent volunteers, have a healthy snack for parents groups, encourage parents to walk to school or early childhood service events, when possible and practical.

Need more ideas?  Drop us a line and we'll do what we can to assist. or ph 6166 0617.