Nature Play

Playing outdoors in nature is great for kids. Find information and ideas below to help you make nature play fun:

Autumn Nature Play checklist

Winter Nature Play checklist

Spring Nature Play checklist

Summer Nature Play checklist

Find more resources from Family Food Patch Program:

A Guide to Nature Play - What is Nature Play and how can you encourage your children?

Seasons Challenge - full of fun outdoor family challenges!

Green Time vs Screen Time - a colouring in challenge for the whole family.

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Beach Scavenger

Beach Scavenger Hunt. Find Piece of sea sponge. a Crab shell. 3 different kinds of shells.3 different coloured rocks o r pebbles. Something red. A feather. Piece of driftwood.a mystery object.  Piece of seaweed. Something round.

Bush scavenger

Bush Scavenger Hunt. 3 different coloured flowers. Smallest leaf, Biggest leaf. 5 different coloured leaves. Biggest gumnut or seed pod. Something that smells. Smoothest rock. Piece of lichen or moss. Piece of grass.