Ideas to get your family moving more

  • Plan to be active together. Plan an afternoon each week to have quality active time together. It could be kicking the footy at the local oval, walking the dog at the park or doing a fitness DVD together.
  • Encourage a range of activities each week. Make sure there is a mix of  moderate and vigorous. Moderate activity is like walking to school or work. Vigorous activity makes you 'huff and puff' like running while playing sport.
  • Make sure that rainy days are not always inactive days. have a dance competition in the lounge room, go to the pool or run to the end of a the street and back when there's a break in the rain!
  • Be a good role model for your kids. If an active lifestyle is part of your life, you’re much more likely to pass similar good habits to your children. Kids love it when mum and dad join in their games and its fun for adults to remember what it was like being a kid too!
  • Explore places to be active. Explore a national park, go bushwalking, take a walking tour of the city, bike ride together and play with your kids.
  • Reduce the amount of screen time in your house. Set some family rules about scrrens, for example, no screens at meal times or a limit of two hours of screen time each day.
  • Fit activity into your families routine. Instead or driving right to the school gate, park a distance away and enjoy a walk in the morning or afternoon. Just 10 minutes activity is better than nothing.

For more information on how to be active visit the Australian 24 - Hour Movement Guidelines website.