Health Promoting Service

Your service is aiming to incorporate Australian Guidelines and Recommendations on Healthy Eating and Physical Activity into the curriculum, incorporate Move Well Eat Well criteria into policy and provide families, educators and staff with information about healthy eating and active play.

Make a plan to achieve Health Promoting service

Ideas and tools for becoming a health promoting service

Staff and children mental health and wellbeing resources

The sense of community that services offer is important to maintain for children and young people, even as routines change. Be You have developed some great resources to help you look after children’s’, and your own, mental health and wellbeing.

Be You wellbeing tools for students

Be You wellbeing tools for staff

Be You also have a range of mental health and wellbeing fact sheets with seven main themes - wellbeing, development, social and emotional learning, relationships, mental health issues and conditions, mental health support, and grief, trauma and critical incidents.

Information to share at your service

Newsletter inserts:

Note: If your service wants to use the newsletter insert as a poster, save the image to your computer and then insert into a Word document and stretch to the appropriate size.


Ideas for Families:

Let families know they can visit the For Families section of this website to find ideas on healthy eating and active play for home. No password is needed.