Limit 'Sometimes' Foods criterion

Limit 'Sometimes' Foods is about reducing foods and drinks like chocolate, confectionary, sweet drinks, crisps, chips, fried foods and some cakes, biscuits and pastry items that are high in fat, sugar or salt.

Less 'sometimes' foods means children fill up on nutritious foods and drinks required for growth and lifelong health.

Meeting the criteria:

Primary schools

To meet this criterion, Primary Schools need to have a strategy to ensure

  • 'Sometimes' foods are limited in the school canteen or other food service by a commitment to achieve a level of school canteen accreditation.
  • 'Sometimes' foods are limited in the wider school environment.This includes fundraising, school fairs, BBQs, sporting events, vending
    machines, excursions and other special events.
  • The wider school community is encouraged to support the limiting of 'sometimes' foods.

Early childhood services

To meet this criterion, Early Childhood Services need to:

  • Limit 'sometimes' foods by not including them in planned menus and discouraging them in lunchboxes
  • Limit 'sometimes' foods in the wider service environment
  • Not allow 'sometimes' foods to be used as rewards or incentives.