School fundraising

School fundraising doesn't have to be about selling chocolates or lollies. Many Move Well Eat Well Primary Schools across Tasmania have successfully run non-food or 'everyday' food fundraising. Find ideas for your school in the list below.

  • Tea towels - get students to design art work to be printed on tea towels
  • Ride-a thon or walk-a-thon - plan a riding or walking event around your schools' local community
  • Staff or school lunches - get students involved in planning and cooking healthy recipes
  • Harvest festival - plan a whole school community event to celebrate local produce
  • BBQ veggie sides - make potato wedges or grilled veggies at your school's next BBQ
  • Fruit hampers - put these together and sell at your next school fair
  • Bulb drive - sell these in term 2 so the community can get ready for spring
  • Twilight fair - plan an evening fair
  • Community dinner - host a dinner for your school community
  • Recipe book - compile a set of 'everyday' food recipes and print as a book
  • Hot soup lunch - sell hot veggie soup with yummy herb toppings
  • Calendars - use photos from the school or artwork from classes
  • Plant and veggie sales - if your school has a veggie garden and has excess fruit and veg, sell it!
  • Fruit pancake day
  • Book fair
  • Free dress or fancy dress days
  • Discos
  • Stall at a local market
  • Trivia night
  • Fun runs
  • Movie night
  • Mothers Day and Fathers Day stalls
  • Car wash
  • Raffle

If your school has run a successful non-food or 'everyday' food fundraiser we would love to hear about it! Email the Move Well Eat Well team.

The above fundraising ideas are courtesy of schools that participated in the 'Leave Lollies out of School Life' project and schools that sent in their fundraising stories including:
Albuera St Primary, Rosetta Primary, Collinsvale Primary, St Josephs Catholic, Glen Huon Primary, Sandy Bay Infant, Holy Rosary Catholic, Somerset Primary, West Ulverstone Primary, Bagdad Primary, Molesworth Primary, Huonville Primary, Strahan Primary,  Margate Primary, St Cuthberts, South Arm Primary, Hillcrest Primary, Montello Primary, St Brigids Catholic, Goulburn St Primary, Sheffield District, Miandetta Primary, Burnie Primary, Boat Harbour Primary, Kempton Primary and Port Dalrymple Primary.