Getting started with Move Well Eat Well

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How to become an Award Service

1. Become a Member

  • Send us an email to receive a membership form.
  • Attend an Orientation Session.
  • Display your service’s Member Certificate in a prominent place.

2. Make a plan

  • Decide on what needs some improving in practice and policy in relation to the Award criteria.
  • Create a Move Well Eat Well action team. This may be Educators, the Cook, the Director.

3. Work towards the Award criteria

  • Share which health messages you are promoting with staff and families.
  • Add progress stickers as your service meets Award criteria.
  • Visit the Move Well Eat Well website for ideas and resources.
  • Stay in touch with the Move Well Eat Well Team and share successes via email: or phone: (03) 61660617.

4. Apply to be an Award service

  • Send us an email to receive an Award application form.
  • Attach your service’s policy that include the Move Well Eat Well criteria.
  • Attach documentation that demonstrates the practice of healthy eating and active play at your service.
  • The Move Well Eat Well Team will assess your application.

5. Award Service status!

  • Display your Award Sign!
  • Share the news with your service’s community.
  • Be eligible for ‘Award Service Only’ incentives and offers.

6. Renew your service’s Award

  • Every 2 years ensure that your practice and policy are still meeting the criteria by completing an Award Renewal Form (email us to receive the form) and attaching your service’s current policy.