KidsMatter links with Move Well Eat Well


Move Well Eat Well schools take a whole school approach and can see the benefits of consistent positive environments for children, promoting healthy eating, activity, mental health and wellbeing.

KidsMatter also takes a whole school approach.

These schools are using the KidsMatter and Move Well Eat Well frameworks at the same time, and seeing great results.

At Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Primary School, the Parents Matter team (part of our Kidsmatter team) organised a healthy lunchbox ideas session for parents. 

Teacher Alison Broomhall explains, "We had about 18 parents there and the feedback was excellent. I downloaded booklets from the Internet and borrowed some resources from a local dietitian.  We had one of the parents, who is a cooking teacher, do a couple of cooking demos.  We showed them a segment of a Jamie Oliver DVD.  I co-ordinated the session but it was very casual.  We had samples of healthy lunchbox ideas for parents to try and take the recipe, if they wished."

At Norwood Primary School they are exploring the social education of the community through the KidsMatter lens and asking questions in relation to being a healthy workplace.

Gary Jones explains, "During 2012, at Norwood Primary there has been an increasing focus on the provision for staff as a 'Healthy Workplace”. We recognise that policies are in the main written for children and not for all members of the school community.

This year we have sought greater opportunities for staff to get together to seek recreational, social and health benefits. The school part-funded fourteen teachers and teacher assistants in the formulation of two teams to participate in the Global Corporate Challenge: sixteen winter weeks of walking, to promote health and healthy habits. During the weeks of the Tour de France this morphed into three exercise bikes living in the staff room and the two walking teams, plus a third team comprising the rest of the staff competed for the right to have a team member wear a yellow jersey during the following work day. The jersey was awarded to the team with the greatest daily distance. It was difficult to get an opportunity to get on a ‘free’ bike as this proved to be a motivating activity for many (and also highlighted the competitiveness of many staff members).

On occasion, exercise ‘taster’ sessions were offered where local walks were arranged, a visit to the local table tennis centre and a couple of dance afternoons were on offer, with small numbers opting in. The provision is there, those attending had a good time and ultimately there was a health benefit as well.

Currently as we reach the end of a busy year, with reporting and 2013 planning beginning to dominate thinking we have on site massages available, with fortnightly visits by a provider. The number of conversations that are around the silver accredited canteen, the use of the school vegetable garden and the food provision by staff when on the morning tea roster has increased healthily. The healthier options offered at morning tea has increased. We look forward to these events and conversations continuing."

Lauderdale Primary School are mindful of including families in as many Move Well Eat Well related events as possible.

Wendy Cracknell explains, "Next week, we are holding our annual Lap-a-thon. This involves all classes K-6 walking/running around the school between recess and lunch.
Families and friends join in to make this a whole community event – prams and all!!! 

We couple this day with a healthy ‘wrap it up’ lunch where we all try to include 2 fruits and 5 vegetables. The canteen supports this by offering a lunch pack with fruit and a range of vegie wraps.  Fruit muffins and frozen fruit pieces are also available.
It is usually a well-supported event with some students trying to beat their personal best from last year, and others walking and talking with their buddies, or family members.

Our Family Footy Fever Feast, the day before AFL grand final day also incorporates MWEW and Kidsmatter. This event of over 300 people is a favourite for our dads. This year we extended our menu to include gluten free bread, baked beans and sausages and soy milk options. This was very well received and allowed people with food allergies to participate. Also available is fruits, cereals, multigrain and wholemeal bread for toasting, yoghurts, juices, baked beans and sausages. After sharing breakfast, families enjoy a kick of the footy."


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