Fundraising ideas

Fundraising is an opportunity to promote health

Fundraising activities can be a great opportunity to reinforce the nutrition and health messages taught within the classroom.  Healthy fundraising options also complement the work of the canteen and form part of a supportive environment for health.

Using 'everyday foods' (e.g. fruits and vegetables) or essential items (e.g. sunscreen or coloured pencils) for fundraising rather than 'sometimes' foods (e.g. chocolates, lamingtons) or luxury items can help place less financial pressure on families.

Healthy fundraising ideas for your school

Many Move Well Eat Well Primary Schools have run profitable, non-food or 'everyday' food fundraisers. Browse the tried and tested school fundraising ideas that may work at your school.

Download a 'Healthy Fundraising' booklet (courtesy of the Cancer Council, NSW). It contains great ideas about keeping the fun in fundraising, whilst keeping it healthy and still making a profit.