'Part Way is OK'

'Part Way is OK' is a walking plan that encourages more students to safely walk part of the way to school.

It's an ideal way to reduce traffic around the school gate and enable children to have a short walk before school.

Schools and their local councils work together to find safe drop off points a short distance from school, where parents are encouraged to drop their children. These places are clearly sign posted, and the school communicates the drop off plan clearly to all families.

Children then walk part of the way to school using the designated route, when and how the school decides. 

A simple five-step guide to running  'Part Way is OK'  that suits the needs of individual schools and local communities is available for Move Well Eat Well Member schools.

For more information on how to start 'Part Way is OK' at your child's school, contact the school's MWEW contact person, talk to your local Council, or email movewelleatwell@dhhs.tas.gov.au.