Tips to get young children active each day

Being active each day helps children with:

  • building strong bones and muscles
  • making new friends and learning how to cooperate
  • improving balance and coordination
  • keeping a healthy weight

Help your child be more active:

  • Turn off the TV or iPad and go outside to play.
  • Play together. If your child sees you having fun being active, they will have fun too.
  • Get active as a family. Plan a weekly physical activity, like walking to the shop to get milk or meeting another family at a park for a play date.
  • When buying gifts for your children, choose ones they can use to be active like bats and balls.
  • Let children try a range of activities and choose activities that they enjoy.

Activities and games:

Footprint paths - go to page 8 in the Being active matters booklet.

Balloon volleyball - go to page 13 in the Being active matters booklet.

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