Recognised Leader Profile - Kris Von Schill

Move Well Eat Well is celebrating its 10th Year in schools and is recognising school staff that have been significant supporters of the program.

Kris was nominated for the 10 years he has led Move Well Eat Well at both Latrobe Primary Schools and Port Sorell Primary School.

Kris has:

  • Implemented and overseen the introduction of MWEW to the school
  • Initiated the running of our Breakfast Club with community volunteers
  • Coordinated with MWEW staff to ensure the school continues to meet best practice
  • Been pivotal to the school being recognised as a leader in MWEW and winning a Kaboom Sports visit
  • Led the Move Well Eat Well messages and implementation of the programs with students, staff and the community
  • Shared the key messages of MWEW
  • Modelled how 'easy' it is to incorporate into the classroom program
  • Written and co-constructed the policies
  • Shared the policies and practices with the school community (Including at School Association meetings and through canteen sub-committees).

He is a great MWEW Leader because he:

  • Gives support and guidance to his colleagues, students and parents in our community so it is seen as something that is manageable and achievable.
  • Is engaging and a good communicator.
  • Is willing to go above and beyond

Overall Kris has; assisted schools to get Move Well Eat Well started, helped schools maintain their Move Well Eat Well Award, advocated for healthy eating and physical activity at schools and promoted Move Well Eat Well messages in school communities. Well done and congratulations on being a Recognised School Leader!