Thinking tools

Use these six steps to achieve your HYP Mission.


Step 1

Define your mission

Select your HYP mission. Get commitment from the school leadership team and establish a HYP Mission Team.

Identify the desired behaviours and competing behaviours associated with the mission.

Identify your target group.

Step 2

Gather information

Assess the situation.

Find out what else is happening that might be relevant to your chosen mission.

Identify barriers to and the benefits of the desired and competing behaviours. 

Consider information from a range of sources including the HYP Student Information Sheet and School Audit tool for your selected mission.

Step 3

Work out what needs to change

Consider the physical environment, policies, practices and partnerships.

Identify ways to reduce the barriers to the desired behaviour, and increase the benefits of the desired behaviour.

Step 4

Develop your Mission Action Plan (MAP)

Set your SMART Goals.

Plan your project. Think about what, who, where, when and how.

Step 5

Follow your MAP

Work with your team.

Follow your plan. Review your plan every week or so.

Step 6

Reflect and celebrate

Did you achieve your SMART goals?