Why should my school undertake the HYP missions?

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HYP missions and resources support good health. Good health supports good learning, educational outcomes, classroom behaviour, student engagement and school attendance.

1. Good health underpins good learning. Good health supports learning and development, including literacy and numeracy outcomes, concentration, mood and behaviour. Being healthy helps young people reach their academic potential and minimise school absenteeism.

2. The school environment influences health and wellbeing. Young people spend seven hours a day at school and the school environment strongly influences the choices they make, and subsequently their physical and mental health and wellbeing.

3. HYP resources support schools to meet Australian Curriculum requirements and become Health Promoting Schools.

HYP saves time for teachers by bringing together a wide range of information from disparate sources. It provides lesson plans and thinking and planning tools that are locally-developed and suitable for use in Tasmania. Teachers can use HYP resources with confidence, knowing the information has been checked by local health and education experts.

4. HYP supports the health of the whole school community. A whole-school approach brings young people, staff, families, carers and the broader community together to make healthy choices easier and promote health and wellbeing. It supports consistency between practices at home, school/work, and in the community, with benefits flowing to students, staff and families. It also strengthens partnerships across the school community.

5. HYP engages students as leaders. HYP empowers students to work in partnership with adults in the design, delivery and evaluation of initiatives designed to make healthy choices easy, positive and normal at school.
Youth leadership and participation is vital for the success of health promotion targeting young people. Student-led initiatives can influence young people in ways many adult-led interventions cannot. 

6. Supporting healthy choices at school will help reduce the rate of chronic disease in the community. The school environment, practices and partnerships influence the choices students make. Supporting young people to make healthy choices will help them develop healthy habits for life, and help reduce the rate of serious but often preventable chronic (long-term and hard-to-cure) diseases like type-2 diabetes, heart disease and some cancers.

Good health supports good learning

HYP resources at a glance

  • Time-saving for teachers
  • Free and evidence-based
  • Developed by local health experts
  • Separate resources targeting students, teachers and the school community
HYP resources support schools to:
  • meet Australian Curriculum requirements
  • use a whole-school approach to making healthy choices easy for every child, every day, through the Health Promoting Schools framework.