Fundraising ideas

Fundraising is an opportunity to promote health

Fundraising activities can be a great opportunity to reinforce the nutrition and health messages taught within the classroom.  Healthy fundraising options also complement the work of the canteen and form part of a supportive environment for health.

Using 'everyday foods' (e.g. fruits and vegetables) or essential items (e.g. sunscreen or coloured pencils) for fundraising rather than 'occasional' foods (e.g. chocolates, lamingtons) or luxury items can help place less financial pressure on families.

Healthy fundraising ideas for your school

Download a 'Healthy Fundraising' booklet (courtesy of the Cancer Council, NSW). It contains great ideas about keeping the fun in fundraising, whilst keeping it healthy and still making a profit.

Click on more healthy, profitable fundraising  ideas for information on how to run them at your school!

  • Student-designed tea towels - an art activity and fundraiser in one courtesy of Margate Primary School
  • Ride-a-thon - plan a riding event with support from your local community courtesy of St Cuthberts School
  • Sheep Manure - plan this fundraiser with parents courtesy of South Arm Primary School
  • Walk-a-thon - run a walk-a-thon with a healthy BBQ ending courtesy of Hillcrest Primary School
  • Staff lunches - get students involved in planning and cooking healthy recipes
    courtesy of Montello Primary School
  • Pancake day - cook and serve some fruity options courtesy of St Brigids Catholic School
  • Harvest Festival - plan a whole school community event to celebrate local produce 
    courtesy of Goulburn St Primary School
  • Oyster Fest - use local producers and suppliers to assist with stalls at school or community events courtesy of Triabunna District School
  • Cajun potato wedges - make these for your next school BBQ courtesy of Sheffield School
  • Fruit hampers - put these together for your next school fair courtesy of Miandetta Primary School
  • Bulb drive - sell these in term 2 so the school community can get ready for spring courtesy of Burnie Primary School
  • Collect a jar of 5 cent pieces - plan this simple activity for your class courtesy of Lenah Valley Primary
  • Hush-a-thon - see if students at your school can be quiet for a good cause courtesy of Sorell School
  • Weekly school lunches - try out some new lunch recipes at your school courtesy of Snug Primary School
  • Twilight fair - plan a evening fair at your school courtesy of Boat Harbour Primary 
  • Community dinner - host a dinner for your school community courtesy of Kempton Primary 
  • Food fest - incorporate this into your school's existing fair or run it as a stand alone event courtesy of Port Dalrymple Primary 
  • Recipe book - plan and develop a recipe book for families courtesy of Port Dalrymple Primary
  • Walk for Fun - get students active at your school courtesy of St Brigid's Primary