Turn Off, Switch to Play

Turn Off, Switch to Play - aims to decrease screen time (e.g. television, electronic games and computers) and increase active play.

Less screen time means more time for children to develop physical, social and emotional skills through active play.

Information and Ideas

Children aged 0-5 years:

Tips for reducing young children's screen time factsheet - developed by Munch and Move

Why should we limit screens fact sheet

Ways to limit small screens fact sheet

Ways to limit larger screens fact sheet

Children aged 5-12 years:

Keeping kids active: playing with others

Keeping kids active: playing alone

Keeping kids active in the school holidays

Children of all ages:

Do-it-yourself play equipment and games

23 ways to get your family going

Screen Free Challenge and Certificate - suggest to school that the class signs up to the challenge!

Find other programs and website that promote active play and eating well