Move, Play and Go

Move, Play and Go - aims to increase active play and physical activity.

Physical activity helps children to live longer healthier lives. It is great for health, fitness, motor skills and confidence.

Information and Ideas

Children aged 0-5 years:

Being active matters! - active play ideas for children aged 0-5 years.

Play stages for 0-3years

Get active each day fact sheet - tips to get pre school age children more active, developed by munch and move

Children aged 5-12 years:

Food and drinks for active kids an information sheet on the ideal types of food and drinks for children when being active and playing junior sport.

Children of all ages:

23 Ways to Get your Family Going

Do-it-yourself play equipment and games

A Guide to Nature Play - What is Nature Play and how can you encourage your children?

Nature Play Seasons Challenge - full of fun outdoor family challenges!

Find other programs and websites that promote physical activity and eating well