Celebration and birthday alternatives

'Sometimes' foods are often a common part of celebrations and birthdays.

To reduce the amount of 'sometimes' foods that come through your service on these occasions try the following suggestions:

Replacing 'sometimes' foods with non-food treats

  • A birthday hat for the birthday child to wear for the day
  • A birthday bear for the birthday child to take care of on their birthday or take home
  • A special birthday CD that is played and danced to
  • Stickers for the birthday child
  • A special game requested by the birthday child

Replacing 'sometimes' foods with 'everyday' foods

  • Ask parents to not send sugary cakes or sweet 'treats' to the service
  • If parents send sweet cakes or 'treats', monitor the amount given to each child (consider cutting a cake into smaller pieces)
  • Provide parents with some healthier cake or party food recipes (see below)

Healthy party food recipes