Limit "Occasional" Food criterion

Limit "Sometimes" or "Occasional" Foods - targets soft drinks, chips, chocolates, and lollies. It aims to decrease consumption of high-energy foods and drinks.      

Less 'occasional' or 'sometimes' foods means children fill up on nutritious foods and drinks required for growth and lifelong health.

Meeting the criteria:


Primary schools

To meet this criterion, Primary Schools need to have a strategy to ensure

  • 'Occasional' foods are limited in the school canteen or other food service by a commitment to achieve a level of school canteen accreditation.
  • 'Occasional' foods are limited in the wider school environment.This includes fundraising, school fairs, BBQs, sporting events, vending
    machines, excursions and other special events.
  • The wider school community is encouraged to support the limiting of 'occasional' foods.


Early childhood services

To meet this criterion, Early Childhood Services need to:

  • Limit "sometimes" foods by not including them in planned menus and discouraging them in lunchboxes
  • Limit "sometimes" foods in the wider service environment
  • Not allow "sometimes" foods to be used as rewards or incentives.